Skywell K-15 Box Truck.

Skywell K-15 Box Truck

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  • Dimensions: 236in(5995mm) Length * 85in(2160mm) Width *122in(3100mm) Height
  • Wheelbase: 133in(3370mm)
  • Curb weight: 9909lb (4495kg) Payload: varies depending on configuration
  • Max speed: 55mph(90 km/h)
  • Battery Capacity: 89.12 kwh
  • Up to 250 miles (405km) range
  • Max motor power/torque: 130kw/1000
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front leaf spring dependent suspension
  • Rear independent leaf spring suspension
  • Equipment: 2 door, steel rims, 3 seats, ABS braking system, parking sensors (optional), Backup camera (optional), power windows, fog lamps, and more!

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