Coming soon an Imperium EV near you

Imperium Motor Company is in the process of setting up dealers franchise territories  from coast to coast in the North American Market. This includes Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbeans, and select other areas.

Our goal is to provide the best customer experience in electric vehicles with an affordable selection of high, mid, and low speed offerings for every budget as well as commercial and fleet solutions.

Imperium Motor Company, Make a difference in what you drive

The Imperium Electric Vehicle Experience Center is located in Fairfield, Solano County. Solano County is situated between two of the largest Electric Vehicle markets in California, the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento with a combined population of over 10 million people. The Experience Center will feature the various models of new Electric Cars, Trucks, Vans, UTVs, ATVs and Scooters arriving soon from the manufacturer. The new building will not only display our new selection of Electric Vehicles but will also host the local center for Dealer training and Parts and Service support.

Satellite Image of North America