The Future is Electric

Introducing Imperium Motor Company, a new EV brand that will offer a wide variety of affordable vehicles that are better equipped for the American market with emphasis on great design, a green mindset, performance, and functionality. Vehicles will include: High Speed , Mid Speed, and Low Speed electric vehicles including  Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Buses, and Scooters.

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Advanced Battery Technology

Various battery solutions including lithium battery packs available on most vehicles 

Quality Promise

We are committed to providing high quality and value in your electric vehicle choice

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Imperium motor company manufacturing process

State of The Art Manufacturing

We use efficient and environmentally friendly assembly techniques


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EV Express Ultra Fast Charging Station

Imperium Motor Company has joined with EV Express in providing Fast Charging solutions to the EV needs of America. The EV Express Model Ultra Fast 150 kW can charge a Nissan Leaf (85 mile range) from empty to full in about 10 minutes and a longer range EV such as a GM Bolt (with 238 mile range) from empty to full in 25 minutes. It is almost as quick and as convenient as filling a gas tank of a internal combustion engine car.

The EV Express Ultra Fast 150 kW is equipped with both CHADeMo connector and SAE CCS connector, which can be used for all electric vehicles including Tesla Model S (with a CHADeMo adapter). EV Express will be providing super efficient Fast Charging Stations from Coast to Coast. Our charging system is easy to connect with and convenient to use with our Smart Phone Application. Keep track of your charging progress and pay with the touch of the screen.

EV Express Charging Station

Make A Difference in What You Drive

The Imperium Electric Vehicle Experience Center is located in Fairfield, California.

Fairfield is located in Solano County between two of the largest Electric Vehicle markets in California, the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento with a combined population of over 10 million people. The Experience Center features the various models of new Electric Cars, Trucks, Vans, UTVs, SUVs and Scooters arriving from our manufacturers. The building not only displays our new selection of Electric Vehicles, but will also host the local center for Dealer training and Parts and Service support.

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